Račice - Czech Republic | 23-24 May 2015



General information

Provisional Timetable (Valid from 18th April 2015)
Thursday May 21 2015
7:00 Course open
Friday May 22 2015
15:00 Team Managers Meeting
19:00 Opening Ceremony
Saturday May 23 2015
Morning Heats
Afternoon Repechage
Sunday May 24 2015
9:30 - 16:30 Semi-finals and Finals
9:30 - 10:00 Semi-finals C/D
9:50 - 11:00 Semi-finals A/B
11:30 - 12:30 Finals C/D
13:00 - 13:55 Finals B
14:00 - 16:25 Finals A
17:00 Closing Ceremony
January 31 2015 Accommodation form due to OC
May 1 2015 Arrival / Departure transport form due to OC
May 11 2015 Entry deadline to OC



Revised after entries.

Team managers manual



Prague - Račice 50 km approx. 45 min
Bratislava - Račice 388 km approx. 3 h 45 min
Vienna - Račice 390 km approx. 4 h
Munich - Račice 430 km approx. 4 h 30 min
Frankfurt - Račice 575 km approx.5 h 15 min
Berlin - Račice 320 km approx. 3 h 15 min
Warsaw - Račice 650 km approx. 7 h
Wroclaw - Račice 290 km approx. 3h 30min

By Airplane

You can reach Račice by flying to Prague airport situated 70 km from rowing course.

By Train

The main train connections Prague – Děčín, Hněvice station.

By Car

The rowing course Račice is located 10 km from motorways E55 located 50 km from the city centre of Prague.


In the local vicinity there are 325 beds in hotels of 4 star standard. Within 10 km we can accommodate all participants making use of a huge range of hotels in the surrounding picturesque towns.

Locations of hotels

Račice, Štětí, Hošťka, Roudnice nad Labem, Litoměřice

Additional information

Visa requirements

The Czech Republic is part of the European Union (EU) and belongs to the Schengen Area. Many countries enjoy visa-free entry to the Czech Republic. However, citizens from some non-EU countries are required to have a valid visa when travelling to the Schengen Area. If a visa is required, be sure to apply at least a month before your visit. More information on entrance to the country can be found on the website: http://www.mvcr.cz/mvcren/web-useful-information.aspx

If you need a letter of invitation, you can contact the organisation: johanek@veslo.cz

In that case, please provide the following details: full names, passport numbers and dates of issuing and expiry, dates of birth and relevant travel information.


The five-storey Finish Tower will be set aside for work by FISA and ERMB. Three floors of the tower will be used for the work of the judges and will be equipped with high-speed internet access, office equipment, finish cameras and last but not least, air conditioning. The entire venue will be networked using optic cables, enabling the transmission of large volumes of data.


All communication in English, information provided also in Russian, German, French & Spanish.

Event management software

  • result services (splits, photo-finish)
  • time schedule, starter lists (draws, online meeting including data projection, etc.)
  • immediate results on the website straight after jury confirmation
  • sending start and result lists to specified places (competition office, copy centre, press centre, commentator, ceremony, etc.)
  • web TV, TV graphics, on-site video and other
  • Sportis Track (live boat monitoring)
  • accreditation of participants with links to other sections (i.e. accommodation, transport, financing, etc.)
  • security systems (zone entry, etc.)
  • ticketing systems

Transport and parking

There is a shuttle service from the accommodations to the venue and back to the hotels. In order to provide efficient service, there will be a request form for each team to complete daily during the event. Shuttle buses will be operated in accordance with a pre-determined schedule.


  • all venue areas checked by security agency for 24 hours and under surveillance of state and municipal police
  • the accommodation sites under surveillance of municipal and state police

First aid points, rescue

  • will be provided during official training and racing times including several rescue boats

International Jury

World Rowing to announce the International Jury for the European Rowing Junior Championships Racice.


  • MEGLIC Vladimir FISA


  • BAIN Gary GBR
  • GRAMSTS Edgars LAT
  • GRIGORE Cristiana-Elena ROU
  • KERR Kieran IRL
  • KORGITZSCH Frank-Michael GER
  • KOSTIC Mladen CRO
  • RUHI Mustafa Kemal TUR
  • WIDUN Anna POL


  • MADINA Stefka BUL
  • ALPAY Alper TUR


The European Championships in Račice have been officially opened

The official opening of the European Rowing Junior Championships took place at the Račice Labe Arena on Friday Evening. Almost 500 competitors took part along with other representatives of the 31 registered teams. The long procession was led past the stands by the Štětí brass band.

The participants were welcomed by the mayor of Račice, Jaromír Maleček, and the Chairman of the Czech Rowing Association and also Chairman of the Championships Organising Committee Dušan Macháček. The head of the European Board of the International Rowing Federation FISA, Ryszard Stadniuk, then declared the European Championships open.

The reigning world champion in the coxless pair, Miroslav Jech, arrived on a catamaran to the sound of the symphonic poem Vltava bearing the flag of European rowing, which was then carried by majorettes to the flag pole. The ceremony ended with a demonstration of coastal rowing.

A video of the Račice coastal rowing race can be viewed here.

Ondřej Synek will give out autographs and congratulate the winners.

Among the celebrities attending the European Rowing Junior Championships 2015 in Račice will be reigning world champion Ondřej Synek. On Sunday from 13.00 he will sign autographs and then take part in the presentation of medals to the best European junior rowers.

Ondřej Synek bude rozdávat autogramy i gratulovat vítězům

Mezi dalšími osobnostmi na Mistrovství Evropy juniorů ve veslování 2015 nebude v Račicích chybět ani úřadující mistr světa Ondřej Synek. Na neděli je od 13 hodin naplánována jeho autogramiáda, vzápětí se zúčastní i předávání medailí nejlepším evropským juniorským veslařům.


The reigning world champion in the coxless pair, Miroslav Jech, arrived on a catamaran to the sound of the symphonic poem Vltava bearing the flag of European rowing, which was then carried by majorettes to the flag pole. The ceremony ended with a demonstration of coastal rowing.

A video of the Račice coastal rowing race can be viewed here.

Interview with Vít Kučera

We asked the senior juniors coach of the Czech Rowing Association, Vít Kučer, about participation at the International Junior Regatta in Munich. We were also interested in his opinion of Czech prospects for the European Rowing Junior Championships in Račice.

How satisfied were you with the performance of the Czech junior rowers in Munich?

I was very satisfied with the attitude to the races of almost all the rowers. I could sense their desire to fight for every position, which is the basis of everything.

Which crew surprised you the most in a positive way?

The best performances came from the double sculls of Jan Cincibuch and Eduard Bezděk and the coxless pair of Vojtěch Skalák and Jan Potůčk. The pair had already shown their class in the control races, so the main surprise was the double sculls.

Did any specific rower attract your attention in Munich?

Miroslav Jech. In the sculls he showed his fighting spirit, even in difficult situations.

Did you also experience any disappointments?

The crews and their coaches still have a few days for training, and we certainly have areas for improvement, but I can’t really say there were any disappointments. The regatta in Munich fulfilled its purpose – we identified the weak and strong points of our crews. We can now work on eliminating the weaknesses and supporting the strengths.

On what basis did you propose the nominations?

The nominations for the European Rowing Junior Championships were proposed on the basis of results from the International Regatta in Munich and trials in Račice. I should add that crews were nominated for the Munich Regatta on the basis of race results (the Czech Championships long course and control races) and trials (2000 m C2, 6000 m C2, test ANP) for the season 2014/15. For the selection of some crews technical preparation was also taken into account.

What chances do you give Czech crews for success at the European Championships? How many of them have a chance of reaching the A finals?

I expect that eight Czech crews could win through to the A finals.

Who in your opinion are the greatest Czech medal hopes?

At this moment I think the double sculls and coxless pair. However, there are several other crews that have great potential. I think we really have something to look forward to at Račice!

Václav Chalupa: A person should not obstruct the flow of a coastal rowing boat

The programmes of the May European Rowing Junior Championships at Račice and June’s Primátorky Skupiny ČEZ in Prague will be enriched with a demonstration of a coastal rowing boat. This will be the same class as the one in which a Czech crew competed at last year’s World Coastal Rowing Championships in Thessaloniki.

In the Coxed Quadruple Sculls, the Czech crew consisting of rowing legend Václav Chalupa, world champion Michal Vabroušsk, Chairman of the Rowing Association Dušan Macháček, President of the Czech Olympic Committee Jiří Kejval and record breaking Primátorky cox Oldřich Hejdušek finished in 12th place in Thessaloniki.

„As opposed to a traditional rowing boat, the coastal rowing boat is much shorter and wider. It is also very heavy! The four in which we competed must have a race weight of 140 kilogrammes. The shape is reminiscent of a sailing boat; it has a raised prow and a fully open stern. This is so the water that comes over the bows can flow away to the back under the cox,“ describes Václav Chalupa.

Both boats have standard rowing sliding seats, rails, foot locks, riggers and oars. However, Chalupa emphasises the difference: „In the sea the cox must hold on with his hands to avoid going overboard. He therefore steers the boat using his legs on the rudder leaver. In the turns he can retract the dagger board (board that maintains the direction of travel), which causes the boat to drift and skid. The turns can therefore be really sharp!“

Coastal rowing does not take place in clearly marked lanes. It is a contact race where the start takes place in the same was as for a yacht race. The boats must be in an area behind the imaginary start line and can be facing any direction. Then when the gun sounds, the race starts. In Thessaloniki the course is a large circuit in the shape of a boomerang. The heats were around four kilometres long, and the final six kilometres.

In what way is it a contact race? „Boats can, for example, clash their oars. I noticed that after every race a boat would return with an oar missing. However, it is against the rules to directly ram another boat. The first into a corner has priority, and a following boat must slow down,“ said the experienced Czech national rower.

During the final Václav Chalupa experienced strong wind and large waves: „Coastal rowing boats are designed for such conditions. It is no problem to ride over two-metre waves, and here it is the cox who can make a difference. I remember the situation where Oldřich Hejdušek turned us onto a wave and we surfed it for a while suddenly finding ourselves in front of our competitors. Amazing adrenalin! I think that Michal Vabroušek as the stroke didn’t even row, he was always in the air.“

According to Václav Chalupa, it is important to avoid a cramped style; a refined technique is unnecessary. „If you catch a crab (the oar enters the water at the wrong angle), miss one stroke and then continue. Relax, the boat and let the boat ride. A person should not obstruct the flow of a coastal rowing boat. The waves should be enjoyed; then it’s a fantastic experience“. He adds: „Before I started rowing I was already a decent surfer. If coastal rowing had then been at the same standard as traditional rowing, and we had a coast here, it would have the sport for me!“

Organising Committee of the 2015 European Rowing Junior Championships Račice



Day Time Race Category Type Foto
1 Saturday 09:30 1 JW2- H1 results
2 Saturday 09:36 2 JW2- H2 results
3 Saturday 09:42 3 JM4+ H1 results
4 Saturday 09:48 4 JM4+ H2 results
5 Saturday 09:54 5 JW4- H1 results
6 Saturday 10:00 6 JM2- H1 results
7 Saturday 10:06 7 JM2- H2 results
8 Saturday 10:12 8 JM2- H3 results
9 Saturday 10:18 9 JW2X H1 results
10 Saturday 10:24 10 JW2X H3 results
11 Saturday 10:30 11 JW2X H3 results
12 Saturday 10:36 12 JW2X H1 results
13 Saturday 10:42 13 JM2X H2 results
14 Saturday 10:48 14 JM2X H3 results
15 Saturday 10:54 15 JM4- H1 results
16 Saturday 11:00 16 JM4- H2 results
17 Saturday 11:06 17 JM4- H3 results
18 Saturday 11:12 18 JW4X H1 results
19 Saturday 11:18 19 JW4X H2 results
20 Saturday 11:24 20 JM4X H1 results
21 Saturday 11:30 21 JM4X H2 results
22 Saturday 11:36 22 JM4X H3 results
23 Saturday 11:42 23 JW8+ H1 results
24 Saturday 11:48 24 JM1X H1 results
25 Saturday 11:54 25 JM1X H2 results
26 Saturday 12:00 26 JM1X H3 results
27 Saturday 12:06 27 JM1X H4 results
28 Saturday 12:12 28 JW1X H1 results
29 Saturday 12:18 29 JW1X H2 results
30 Saturday 12:24 30 JW1X H3 results
31 Saturday 12:30 31 JM8+ H1 results
32 Saturday 14:30 32 JW2- R1 results
33 Saturday 14:36 33 JM4+ R1 results
34 Saturday 14:42 34 JM2- R1 results
35 Saturday 14:48 35 JW2X R1 results
36 Saturday 14:54 36 JW2X R2 results
37 Saturday 15:00 37 JM2X R1 results
38 Saturday 15:06 38 JM2X R2 results
39 Saturday 15:12 39 JM4- R1 results
40 Saturday 15:18 40 JW4X R1 results
41 Saturday 15:24 41 JW4X R2 results
42 Saturday 15:30 42 JM4X R1 results
43 Saturday 15:36 43 JM4X R2 results
44 Saturday 15:42 44 JM1X R1 results
45 Saturday 15:48 45 JM1X R2 results
46 Saturday 15:54 46 JW1X R1 results
47 Saturday 16:00 47 JW1X R2 results
48 Sunday 09:30 48 JM1X SFCD 1 results
49 Sunday 09:36 49 JM1X SFCD 2 results
50 Sunday 09:42 50 JM2- SFAB 1 results
51 Sunday 09:48 51 JM2- SFAB 2 results
52 Sunday 09:54 52 JW2X SFAB 1 results
53 Sunday 10:00 53 JW2X SFAB 2 results
54 Sunday 10:06 54 JM2X SFAB 1 results
55 Sunday 10:12 55 JM2X SFAB 2 results
56 Sunday 10:18 56 JM4- SFAB 1 results
57 Sunday 10:24 57 JM4- SFAB 2 results
58 Sunday 10:30 58 JM4X SFAB 1 results
59 Sunday 10:36 59 JM4X SFAB 2 results
60 Sunday 10:42 60 JM1X SFAB 1 results
61 Sunday 10:48 61 JM1X SFAB 2 results
62 Sunday 10:54 62 JW1X SFAB 1 results
63 Sunday 11:00 63 JW1X SFAB 2 results
64 Sunday 11:36 64 JM1X FD results
65 Sunday 11:42 65 JW2X FC results
66 Sunday 11:48 66 JM2X FC results
67 Sunday 11:54 67 JM4X FC results
68 Sunday 12:00 68 JM1X FC results
69 Sunday 12:06 69 JW1X FC results
70 Sunday 13:00 70 JW2- FB results
71 Sunday 13:06 71 JM2- FB results
72 Sunday 13:12 72 JW2X FB results
73 Sunday 13:18 73 JM2X FB results
74 Sunday 13:24 74 JM4- FB results
75 Sunday 13:30 75 JW4X FB results
76 Sunday 13:36 76 JM4X FB results
77 Sunday 13:42 77 JM1X FB results
78 Sunday 13:48 78 JW1X FB results
79 Sunday 14:00 79 JW2- FA results ---
80 Sunday 14:12 80 JM4+ FA results
81 Sunday 14:24 81 JW4- FA results
82 Sunday 14:36 82 JM2- FA results
83 Sunday 14:48 83 JW2X FA results
84 Sunday 15:00 84 JM2X FA results
85 Sunday 15:12 85 JM4- FA results
86 Sunday 15:24 86 JW4X FA results
87 Sunday 15:36 87 JM4X FA results
88 Sunday 15:48 88 JW8+ FA results
89 Sunday 16:00 89 JM1X FA results
90 Sunday 16:12 90 JW1X FA results
91 Sunday 16:24 91 JM8+ FA results

Photo Gallery

Friday 22th May 2015


"There are days when you hate it, but when it comes down to it, nothing beats making a boat go fast and the feeling you get from a training hard. That's what satisfying."
Christine (Smith) Collins

The Venue

Technical parameters
of regatta course

  • Total length of the artificial water course is 2,350 m
  • Total width is 130 m
  • Depth of the course is about 3.5 m
  • The return lane – 30 m width
  • 8 lanes of 12.5 m width marked with Albano system all start lines equipped with Polaritás automatic start system
  • Total area of regatta course is 73 hectares
  • There is an asphalt road 5 km long
  • Constant water level kept by water filling if necessary
  • 6 pontoons: 3 incoming, 3 outgoing
  • Protected against the wind (major wind direction W-E, along the course from start to finish) and against side waves by construction and shore trimming

Finish tower

Provides the perfect conditions for all activities connected with race performance:

Total area of 600 m2

Operation centre



Race committee

VIP meeting room with observation deck on the top floor

Spectator’s area

  • Grandstands for 5,000 spectators
  • Parking area for several thousand cars
  • Food and beverage sales points
  • Information services (including a souvenir programme and daily results and start list summaries, giant TV monitor)
  • Merchandising and marketplace
  • Medical services
  • Banking services
  • Grandstand with wheelchair access
  • Free access to Internet
  • Ceremonies in front of grandstands

Račice Regatta centre


  1. Parking for trailers
  2. Indoor rest room
  3. Rest zone
  4. Additional parking
  5. Boat storage
  6. Boat builders
  7. Changing rooms, WC, showers – women
  8. Changing rooms, WC, showers – men
  9. Catering
  10. Doping control
  11. Accommodation for staff
  12. Medical centre
  13. Parking for teams
  14. Control commission
  15. Shuttle Bus Stop
  16. Rescue
  17. Transport info, Exchange
  18. Information
  19. Information – Team leaders
  20. Fast food
  21. Flagpoles
  22. Finish tower
  23. Market place for spectators
  24. Grandstand for spectators
  25. Grandstand with wheelchair access
  26. Sale of souvenirs
  27. Parking lot for VIP, FISA
  28. Parking lot for spectators
  29. Bowling club
  30. Annex of Hotel SKIF
  31. Accreditation
  32. Supervised parking lot
  33. Hotel SKIF

Weather - Humidity Profile

Weather - Temperature Profile

"One thing about racing is that it hurts. You better accept that from the beginning or you’re not going anywhere."
Bob Kennedy


We look forward to welcoming media from all over the world. Media accreditation will open in early 2015 and it will be handled by the organizer – the Czech Rowing Association.

PRESS Centre 1

Located on the main stage in places with a clear view of ongoing events. Entry to the press center will only be given to people with legitimate accreditation. Work Stations for individual journalists will be equipped with monitor, electricity and internet .

Information on the results of races and starter lists will be provided.


Download form

Please send your completed accreditation form by email to hanouskova@racice.info
For further enquires please contact +420 416 813 652.
Deadline to submit accreditation forms: April 30, 2015.

"Rowing is a sport for dreamers. As long as you put in the work, you can own the dream. When the work stops, the dream disappears."
Jim Dietz


Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country in the heart of Europe. With 78 886 km2 and more than 10 million inhabitants, it combines the cultures of East and West to truly deserve the label Central Europe.

The history of the Czech Republic, in ancient times called Bohemia, is long and fascinating. During the times of the famous emperor Charles IV, Bohemia was the cultural center of Europe. In the 20th century, Bohemia joined with Slovakia to form Czechoslovakia; a country still often associated with the Czech Republic and the prestige of a superpower in sports. After it became independent in 1992, the Czech Republic continued to serve as a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe.

Besides history, the Czech Republic attracts millions of visitors every year for its rare culture. Together with Paris and London, Prague is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The Czech Republic maintains a worldwide reputation for exceptional beer, traditional dishes or Czech glass that is as admired all over the world.

Finally in sports, the Czech Republic is home to many top teams and athletes. Especially in rowing, the Czechs are among the most successful nations, with world champion and double silver medal winner from the 2008 and 2012 Olympics Ondřej Synek and gold medal winner from 2012 Olympics Miroslava Knapková.

North Bohemia Region


Litoměřice is the most important town in the region of Račice. The third oldest Czech Royal Town, a title bestowed on Litoměřice by the Czech King Přemysl Otakar ll in 1262. Today Litoměřice is a picturesque town with a rich history. The Old Town is surrounded by fortifications, which preserve the gothic, renaissance and baroque buildings of this strictly protected heritage area. Litoměřice has a population of around 25,000. It lies on the confluence of the rivers Elbe and Ohře, sheltered from the North by the Central Bohemian Mountains.

Ústí nad Labem

Ústí nad Labem is the center of the district of the same name, the industrial centre of the whole northern Bohemian region. It lies on the banks of the Elbe and occupies an area of 93,95 km2 with a population of around 94,000. Despite its rich industrial tradition, forty percent of the city lies within the Czech Highlands and Elbe Sandstone Nature Reserve and in close proximity to the Eastern Erzgebirge Nature Park.

Ústí nad Labem was severely damaged by air raids during World War II but it has preserved some of the most important parts of its historical core, such as the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Střekov castle.


Štěti is a town lying on the right bank of the Elbe river. The first records about the town are dated back to the beginning of the 14th century. Štěti has a population of around 10 000 and it occupies an area of 53,85 km2. Close to the town and rising to a height of 456 metres is the hill of Řip with a Romanesque rotunda at its summit. Since Štěti is located in wide and calm part of River Elbe, it has perfect conditions for the watersports, such as rowing, canoeing or dragon boats.

"When one rows it is not the rowing which moves the ship: rowing is only a magical ceremony by means of which one compels a demon to move the ship.“